Rolling Y Perlas Para Montaje Swivel Tict M-Caro // 8pcs



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Description of Tict M-Caro Swivel:

Tict presents its Set of swivels and rubber stoppers specific for use with the M-Caro or the M-Float. It seems like a joke about the M-Caro Swive l, but the great reality is that both the shape and the composition of the rubber of the M-Caro Swivel are specific and necessary to be able to work well with the M-Caro. This is because when we exercise the jerks on the Tict M-Caro, we should notice how it bounces off the rubber stopper in the same way that when we stop exercising them, we should notice how the M-Caro returns to its support position on the stopper of the M-Caro Swivel. Glossy Red Finish Deflector for Better Night Viewing Under HeadLamps!

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