Señuelo Jig Zeake S-Bit // 10g, 30g

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Zebra Glow

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Description of ZEAKE S_Bit

Shore Slow model with asymmetrical-short body. A shore release that can be used extensively for flats, blues, and rock.

The S bit (slow bit) has a body design with an asymmetrical rear center of gravity suitable for outstanding flight distance launches. Even with rod work, it conveys the swimming action to the jig, and even if it is just reeled in, it will attract fluttering and flushing. The eye placed perpendicular to the body increases the free movement speed of the hook, improves hooking efficiency at the time of the drop, and attracts with a smaller silhouette.

In its 30g size, you will tempt all types of species and sizes of predators, with movements close to the bottom and alternating with quick retrievals from midwater. With the 10g size, you will have a super effective lure for rockfishing or hard rockfishing, capable of catching large catches even.

ZEAKE S_Bit Features

Length Color
10g 36mm Rainbow
SB30008 30g 73mm Zebra Glow
  • Lure Weight: 10g
  • Lure Length: 36mm

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