Señuelo ChatterBait Hart Secator // 36g, 50g



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Chatter bait HART SECATOR 36g -EP

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Description of the Chatter bait SECATOR 36g by HART:

The HART Spinners stand out for their excellent quality, with leaded heads and decorated blades that imitate small fish. The effect obtained through the use of holographic techniques of LAZER HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGE is very attractive to large predators. Provided with bearing swivels, they allow the artificial to be worked more slowly than with conventional swivels. This becomes an added advantage when the fish are slow or inactive.

Hart's SECATOR is rigged with a reinforced hook and a very strong internal frame. It is designed for fishing at depths greater than 2 meters , since its weight is significantly greater than traditional chatterbaits. Amazing casting distance. Ultimately, it's a lethal weapon for catching pike, black bass and perch in the deepest grasslands.

Specifications of the Chatter bait HART SECATOR 36g:

  • Weight: 36g, 50g
  • Type: Sinking - Sinking

References: IHSC36EP, IHSC50PW, IHSC50EP

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