Jig Head Hart RSF Micro Head // 3g, 4g, 6g

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Hart RSF Micro Head Description:

Hart RSF Micro Head Luminescent Jigheads are specifically designed for use in low light conditions and charge quickly in natural or artificial light.

They are made of high quality materials and are designed to withstand daily use and extreme fishing conditions. In addition, they have an aerodynamic design that improves casting accuracy and reduces water resistance, which increases fishing efficiency.

Available in different weights and sizes, suitable for a variety of fish species and fishing styles. Whether you're fishing freshwater or saltwater , day or night, these luminescent jig heads will help improve your chances of success.

Hart RSF Micro Head Features:

Size Weight units
10 2 grams 5
6 3 grams 5
4 6 grams


6 4 grams


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