Señuelo Jig Hayabusa Jack Eye Scabbard Spin // 30g

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UV Red Gold
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Hayabusa JACK EYE SCABBARD SPIN lure description:

Lure designed for night fishing or during sunset. The belly of the lure has a cylinder-shaped cavity that can house a “starlight” type chemical light. This will make our lure truly visible even in the complete absence of light. It is designed to fish both in ports and estuaries and offshore . Its main target is sablefish , as well as spits , barracudas and other nocturnal predators . It is very easy to use since a simple linear recovery movement is enough.

Characteristics of the Hayabusa JACK EYE SCABBARD SPIN lure:

  • Weight: 20g
  • Hooks: 1 treble

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