MICRO JIG ARROW HEAD EX929 // 1.5g, 2g

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Description of the Hayabusa MICRO JIG ARROW HEAD:

Essential jig head for rockfishing and other techniques that require subtle presentations. It can be used both in the middle of the water and in the background . Its narrow arrow-shaped head prevents snagging on stones and facilitates progress. It has a luminous pearl incorporated into the hook shaft with which our lure will shine from the inside. Both transparent and opaque colored lures can be used. The closed shape of the hook bend prevents the lure from hanging easily. This head is ideal for use with the Aji Crow FS303 worm.

Features of the Hayabusa MICRO JIG ARROW HEAD:

  • Weight: 1.5g, 2g
  • Units: 10

do not include worms

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