Asari Masaru Inku Braided Thread // 150m

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Asari Masaru Inku thread description:

Asari Masaru Inku Braided Line, braided line of 12 PE strands with a great casting capacity and tensile strength. Thanks to its round profile, smoothness and specific surface treatment, the friction it offers as it passes through the rings during casting is practically nil, maximizing the distance at which we set our lure and avoiding unpleasant noises when retrieving it. Its pink "gum" color helps us to control the position of our lure at all times, helping us to maintain the tension of the line to control the slightest touches and ensure the hook. Perfect for super technical fishing such as eging and rock fishing.

Asari Masaru Inku Thread Features:

diameter (mm) PE Endurance
#0.4 6.82kg
#0.6 8.18kg
#0.8 9.09kg
#1 10.45kg

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