BRAIDED Casting PE Max Power X8 // #3, #4, #6

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Description Thread Varivas Casting PE Max PowerX8

With its 8 strands "MaxPower PE" offers supreme quality that complements any type of pitching game.

●Varivas' innovative high breaking strength method is used to knit Max Power with a dense weave that offers stable strength with little irregularity.

●Tough enough for continuous casting with big lures and fighting the toughest fish.

●VARIVAS' special line coating greatly reduces friction with the rod guide and allows the angler to cast super long distances.

●White lines are highly visible and easy to trace. There is also a mark for every 25 metres, allowing the angler to easily grasp the distances.

It comes with a handy sticker to identify the sizes. Ideal for sticking on reels.

The "Extra Coating Spray *for PE*" will prolong the life of the line and greatly improve its performance.

Colour: white (1m navy blue or pink markings repeated every 25m)

Characteristics Thread Varivas Casting PE Max PowerX8

PE Endurance
3 48lb (21.7kg)
4 64lb (29kg)
6 85lb (38.5kg)

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