BRAIDED Eging Max Power PE X8 150M // #0.8, #1

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Description Avani Varivas Eging Thread [Max Power PE] X8

Maximum stable resistance: it is composed of 8 strands of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber. It is manufactured by the Varivas breaking strength method. The innovative technique achieves perfectly round, soft and less stretchable braids.

Special Coating 'SP-F': this model contains a Fluoride-based coating without burrs. Allows braids to pass smoothly through rod guides to improve casting distance. The surface coating also increases scratch protection and durability.

'Falling-Bite' Marking: The color combination of three patterned lines helps the angler spot the line-biting action of squid.

Features Varivas Avani Eging Wire [Max Power PE] X8

Endurance Length twist number
0.8 16.7lb (7.6kg) 150m 8
1 20.2 (9.1kg) 150m 8

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