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150 meters | 12 lbs. - no 3
150 meters | 16 lbs. - no 4

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Description of Yamatoyo Fluoroblast

The 100% Yamatoyo Fluorocarbon differs by its 'army' gray color that gives it a perfect touch of camouflage effect. The Yamatoyo line is an excellent fluorocarbon terminal, very resistant to both splinters and sharp beaks with which it rubs against embedded obstacles or branches, a refuge highly sought after by Black Bass.

Reduces the light reflection surface on the line, allowing it to blend in with the underwater scene, avoiding alarming the prey.

With its flexibility, it can be cast over long distances, and easily work both the lure and the fish caught, especially in areas with high difficulty.

An important detail of the Yamatoyo fishing line is that it is marked at 75 meters, it incorporates a marking stamp to optimize the spools of the fishing reels.

Features of Yamatoyo Fluoro Blast

Color PE Weight Length
Army Gray 3 5 kg. 150
Army Gray 4 7 kg. 150

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