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Description of Iberux Pro Taurus:

The new Iberux TAURO has been created to be the star duck of the entire Iberux range.

Based on the renowned Iberux Max , on which a series of improvements have been applied to achieve a duck that can offer you the maximum level of height, comfort, speed and balance.


It is the secret of the Iberux Taurus. Creating a large, stable duck that is both light and transportable can only be achieved by finding this balance:

  • In its measures to provide agility in movements.
  • In the thickness of PVC sheet to make it manageable out of the water and fast in it.
  • At height, to achieve a high fishing position that allows us to paddle and fin with maximum comfort.

What advantages does it have over the rest?

  • Height : Thanks to the new Thronos21 seat, we achieve a fishing height never seen before in a PVC duck.
  • Comfort : A wide, high and comfortable seat with which you will also keep the entire area dry.
  • Speed : His new V-shaped oars and lower water resistance make him a fast duck.
  • Large capacity Iberux transport bag included . Measurements: 95cm x 61cm x 33cm

In addition to the same reliability and features of the rest of Iberux:

  • Prepared to be used in the worst fishing conditions: cold, heat, branches, stones, intensive use... don't be scared, it will handle it.
  • Designed to last: tubeless, seamless, three-layer PVC, safety valves.
  • Wide floats, stable, with oars and removable pockets.
  • To facilitate its transport, mount two straps on the back of the duck to be able to hang it on the back and carry your hands free. It also includes two handles on the inside and one on the bow to make it easier to handle when lifting it from the water or loading it into the swollen car.

Technical characteristics of Iberux Pro Tauro:

  • Seat and soil THRONOS21

    The new seat, in addition to giving the duck a great appearance, provides us with height, comfort and stability.
    • Light, rigid and resistant: Made of 2.4mm aluminum welded and lacquered in black. Prepared to work in the water.
    • Comfortable: Thanks to its breathable synthetic textile fabric, very resistant and easy to dry.
    • Delicate with the rest of the duck: All areas in contact with the duck are rounded to avoid wear.
  • Rowing Iberux REMUS21 V NEW21

    They are mounted on two fixed platforms that are attached to the Iberux. You will have an agility in displacement well above the displacement with fins. You will be able to move with less effort distances that until today you did not dare with only fins.

    • V-shaped blade : Increases the volume of water displaced with each stroke. Which translates into a greater impulse thus achieving greater speed.
    • Longer : 144cm long to improve the momentum lever. Black lacquered aluminum, light and resistant.
  • pockets Iberux TEMPEST21

    He new Pocket Iberux TEMPEST21 It has been designed based on the improvements that were acquiring the previous models and becoming the best pocket so far from Iberux.

    Manufactured in waterproof fabric , with waterproof zippers, They have dimensions of 42cm x 20cm x 16cm and are fixed to our Iberux by means of two quick-release hooks and Velcro.

    His semi-rigid structure It has been redesigned to maintain its shape even at half load capacity.

    In iberux We like to take care of all the details, so improvements and advances are incorporated to make fishing easier for us.
    On the outside we see new advances:

    • cable outlet for the probe battery and not having to carry the pocket half open.
    • The flap incorporates an elastic band where we can hold what we need to have more at hand without having to open the pocket.
    • Transport handle.
    • Reflective band around the pocket to make us a little more visible in low light hours.

    Inside we find news:

    • has incorporated a large internal mesh pocket to increase our organizational capacity.
Long 172cm
cone to cone width 90cm
High 33cm/48cm pointed
High Seat/Floor/Total 19cm/8cm/27cm
Float Diameter 33cm
Weight 12kg
recommended maximum weight 170kg

inflator Foot pump with special safety valve pin.
repair kit Yeah. Includes two pieces of PVC in gray and black, a tube of special PVC glue and a key to adjust safety valves.
transport bag Iberux Transport Bag 95cm x 61cm x 33cm

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