Señuelo Paseante Hundido Pudlee Ikalure JET Regular SSS // 65mm / 6g

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Description of the Ikalure JET Regular SSS lure:

He Ikalure Jet is a small squid, an appetizing bite for all the predators of our seas. When you throw it, you don't know that it can enter, from an oblada, to a sea bass, a bream or a grouper.

Action super slow sinking, it remains suspended and tends to go down very slowly when the collection stops. Perfect for light fishing and rockfishing.


If you have had the privilege of seeing a squid or a cuttlefish underwater, you will have seen how they move. Their body remains motionless and they float like a hot air balloon, moving calmly without making a gesture.
When they get scared or feel threatened by a siphon they go from zero to one hundred, moving to pulses caused by their siphon.
This is how an Ikalure Jet moves.


The Ikalure Jet is recommended to be used without a staple so that the movement is as natural as possible.
Regarding collections, we can move it in the following ways:

  • With continuous linear retrieval, it imitates the natural and smooth movement of a squid.
  • Quick pickup. It maintains the position and moves leaving a trail of turbulence just like a squid does with its siphon.
  • Crank bumps. It imitates the siphoned flight when scared by a predator.
  • Carolina mount with pickup and long stops near the bottom.
  • Jerks: It is recommended to avoid violent toe blows that can spin the lure.

Characteristics of the Ikalure JET Regular SSS lure:

  • Action: Super Slow Sinking
  • Size: 65mm.
  • SSS version weight: 6g
  • interchangeable legs.
  • Swimming depth: 1m.
  • Important: Do not mix the lure with other vinyls. The tentacles could deteriorate.

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