Minnow IMA Komomo Floating SF-125

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Description of the IMA KOMOMO SF-125 lure:

The Komomo SF-125 is one of the best shallow runners on the market, one of the best sellers and with countless improvements made.

This floating lure is perfect for fishing in shallow areas , just below the surface of the water. It will be a powerful ally when we fish in shallow areas, between branches and stones, looking for lurking predators. Explore all the shallow areas. It can be used in multiple fishing scenarios. Suitable for mudflats, and low tide catching.

Its internal technology and the absence of a bib allow it to be thrown over extraordinary distances. The IMA Komomo SF has tungsten rattlings that emit a high-pitched sound. With such a sharp design, it is confused by a great variety of bait fish we have along our coasts and in the rivers.

It has a good cast and the entrance to the water makes it very soft to minimize the sound. The original shape of the ima head makes it possible to maintain the range just below the surface of the water.

The ideal way to use it if the water conditions allow it is with slow recoveries. If we recover it aggressively and quickly, it tends to describe wide arcs during its recovery.

Characteristics of the IMA KOMOMO SF-125 lure:

  • Length: 125mm
  • Weight: 16 grams
  • Action: Rolling
  • Depth range: 30-40cm
  • Type: Floating
  • Includes reinforced jigs

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