Minnow Ima Sasuke Shad // 75mm

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IMA's Sasuke 75 Shad Description:

The IMA Sasuke 75 Shad is an artificial lure for spinning fishing . It is a limited units model designed exclusively for the western market. It is very effective for bass fishing as well as for other predators in our seas as well as for fishing in reservoirs for fish such as blackbass or perch.

More compact than those of its range, nothing deeper and with a very closed and nervous movement, it stands out because as small as it is it reaches a discreet depth , passing one meter, and moves like a much more closed rhythm, vibrating. In addition, it launches very well thanks to its shape and balance even against the wind.

A lure with speed resistance , which allows us to explore deeper layers of water. Thanks to its small size, we will tempt predators that are not likely to attack or in areas of high fishing pressure.

IMA SASUKE 75 SHAD Specifications:

  • Length: 75mm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Depth range: 60 - 120cm
  • Action: Wob&roll
  • Hooks: #6

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