Señuelo Zoka Ball JLC Nautilus 2.0 // 100g, 150g, 200g, 250g, 300g


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Description of Nautilus JLC 2.0

Improved model compared to the classic version of the Nautilus JLC 1.0. Specially designed for live fishing, mainly with cuttlefish or squid, probably being the most effective fishing technique existing. In it, we fix the "butt" of the squid/cuttlefish to the main hook and adapt the length of the assists to the desired length, fixing them on the head or tentacles of the squid/cuttlefish. It will also be known as Zoka Ball or simply Zoka.

Once the sample is prepared, go down gently and walk along the bottom stones, looking for all kinds of predators.

Nautilus JLC 2.0 Features

  • Weight: 150g, for bottoms less than 20 meters deep
  • Weight: 200g, for funds up to 30 meters deep
  • Weight: 250g, for funds up to 40 meters deep
  • Weight: 300g, for funds over 40m deep
  • Reinforced hooks, ready to face any catch.

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