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Magbite Jig Head Stepper Description:

Lead jig hooks with a triangular lead head, specially designed for darting fishing.

The Magbite Stepper Head is a lead head for darting fishing, one of the new techniques developed for Spinning or Rockfishing at sea. If we combine the Magbite Stepper head with any vinyl on the market, we will have in our hands a lure that is very effective on a wide variety of predators. Darting develops with rapid and erratic toe movements , accompanied by pauses that let the lure go down with its peculiar movement. Magbite with its Stepper Heads offers us different options for each moment or need.

Magbite Stepper Heads work with both active surface fish such as stressed trevallies , prized sea bass and any of the bottom-dwelling species. Magbite offers us a Darting head with a super sharp and extra strong hook , providing safety and reliability against fish bites.

Magbite Jig Head Stepper Specifications:

  • Available in 2gr, 2.5gr, 3gr and 4gr.

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