Magbite Swinging Rig Vassallo // 7g, 14g, 21g

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This has been love at first sight, the Vassallo de Magbite really seems like a gadget to be able to make innovative assemblies and try to probe the seabed or our inland waters in a different way.

This strange cross between an inchiku, a spoon and a lead head , the Vassallo de Magbite brings together, in a very peculiar and undoubtedly successful way, the best characteristics of each of these lures and gives us the opportunity to make our vinyls travel, and with I mean pretty much all kinds of it, in a different way.

From the WeFish team, we have tested and verified its unique effectiveness with the following vinyls: Savage Gear Squid vinyl , Magbite Prawns , Rais Spotter and squid and crab vinyls such as Major Craft Fighting Crab

We can imagine any scenario, both in fresh and salt water , with the fish hunting near the bottom. The Vassallo goes down underwater style, with the blade shining and flashing defiantly, already fishing, 100% ready to attack. It touches the bottom making a thud, the vinyl continues to move with the little current until the first hint of recovery arrives. Another pause, she settles again. It starts again, swimming in full rolling touching the bottom , with the blade attracting attention and the vinyl waiting from one moment to the next for the attack... that arrives.

From what we have been able to appreciate, the steel that forms the clip that holds the hook is quite strong, if we are not mistaken it is 1.2mm, the closure is strong. We like to believe that it forms a single piece with the buttonhole but there are no diagrams or images that can confirm this. The blade of Magbyte's Vassallo is mounted on a bearing turnbuckle that in turn has been embedded inside the body. Thanks to the clip the hook is interchangeable, good news for those who would like to use it for larger fish with shads of 4 inches or more. The shovel is also interchangeable , but it would be necessary to experiment to see if a different combination would take effect or simply be a hindrance.

In short, we believe that this Magbite Vassallo can be an important weapon when facing certain situations that other lures, due to weight, dynamics or action, do not work. In addition, we think that the mere idea of ​​experimenting with it is interesting and creative, as well as opening up new opportunities.


  • jig head with spoon
  • Weight: 7g, 14g, 21g
  • 2 colors
  • Includes Texas hook

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