Braiding Eging Major Craft Dangan Braid X8 150m Pink

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PE 0.6 - 14 LBS (6.35kg)
PE 0.8 - 16 LBS (7.26kg)

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Description of the yarn MAJOR CRAFT DANGAN BRAID EGING X8 150M PINK:

Major Craft's Dangan Braid Eging x8 line has excellent value for money , making it the best ally for anglers. With Japanese features, it provides extra confidence as it is a proven version of a new design.

It is a special x8 braid for eging in pink, with a 150m coil.

The newly designed weaving method offers excellent operability and high sensitivity to feel changes in the water. The surface is coated so that even novice anglers can easily use it. By giving it adequate elasticity, it can be used for all types of fishing and minimizes typical line problems such as the line tangling with the guide.

Versatile model for cephalopod fishing. Especially effective when fishing from shore. It helps the behavior by simulating a natural bait. This thread will make your bow tie or jibionera move like never before. Eging fishing .

Specifications of the thread MAJOR CRAFT DANGAN BRAID EGING X8 150M PINK:

Model PE LBS - kg Length
DBE8-150/0.6PK 0.6 14 - 6.35 150m
DBE8-150/0.8PK 0.8 16 - 7.26 150m

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