Braided Major Craft Dangan Braid x8 200m

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PE 0.6 (0.06mm) 14 LBS (6.6kg)
PE 0.8 (0.10mm) 16LBS (7.2kg)
PE 1.0 (0.13mm) 20 LBS (9kg)
PE 1.2 (0.16mm) 25LBS (11.4kg)

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Description of Dangan braid x8 200m by Major Craft:

Major Craft's Dangan Braid X8 line is an 8 strand braided line, with all the technological advances, it has everything you would expect from a modern fishing line.

It offers very low elasticity, excellent sensitivity and great softness. It also has an external coating, which gives it durability and promotes unmatched fluidity through the rings.

Major Craft Dangan Braid X8 is a braid made in Japan with remarkable features and excellent value for money.

Major Craft DANGAN BRAID X8 200M Specifications:

  • 200 m coil
  • Colors:
    • Green
    • Multicolored
  • Models:
    • PE 0.6 (0.06mm) 14 LBS (6.6kg)
    • PE 0.8 (0.10mm) 16 LBS (6.9kg)
    • PE 1.0 (0.13mm) 20 LBS (9kg)
    • PE 1.2 (0.16mm) 25LBS (11.4kg)

Reference DB8-200.

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