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Description of the MAJOR CRAFT JIG RUBBER TROUGH lure:

The Jig Rubber Through from Major Craft is one of those inventions studied to make life easier and catch some more fish.

The Major Craft Jig Rubber Through system is very simple, but it involves a small implementation, which improves performance. A lead head , which has a rather “swimmery ” design if we could call it that, since it almost looks like the keel of a boat, a simple hook and a silicone skirt, let's say that described like that we could say if we had already seen it, but very much.

The "secret" is in a hole. That is, a hole that goes through the jig head from the nose to the back and that we will use to pass our lead, to tie it to the swivel which in turn provides flexibility and maximum mobility to the hook. That's what makes this lure called the Major Craft Rubber Through Jig.

With this invention we will be able to take advantage of some very natural vinyl rigs, since the hook will be free to fluctuate freely, and perhaps we tend to cast less, although, being a lure designed to comb the bottom, it will be inevitable to have some casualties. A couple of recommendations, the vinyl hairs can be cut, in this way they will open more producing more vibrations and the best vinyls for the Jig Rubber Through by Major Craft will be the hard rock ones, mainly imitations of crabs and creatures and vinyls with tails type "curly", curly.

A highly recommended system for hard rock fans, grouper, haddock, scorpions, redfish, groupers and other bottom predators tend to be the most frequent victims, but we remember that the Japanese also take advantage of Major Craft's Jig Rubber Through for breams. ”, therefore, our bream and bream will surely be within reach.

Characteristics of the MAJOR CRAFT JIG RUBBER TROUGH lure:

  • Weight: 10g, 15g
  • Color: Red, Silver and Glow
  • skirted jig
  • high resistance

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