Major Craft JigFor Micro Normal // 3g, 5g, 7g, 10g, 15g

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Description of Jig For Normal Micro by Major Craft:

The Jigpara micro normal from Major Craft is a metal jig , one of the best lures for all kinds of marine species and ideal for fishing for predators such as bream or oblada .

It is perfectly balanced, they slide from left to right even on the descent, maintaining a horizontal position and getting maximum reflections. It has an erratic movement , very attractive to fish.

This jig has a very natural drop, it fishes very well both in fast and slow retrieval, it comes mounted with a single assist hook in the head and a triple in the tail.

Perfect for fishing from the shore and for fishing from a boat. It is an ideal jig for light game fishing, slow jigging, rockfishing and light spinning.

Maximum quality in their finishes, they have a multilayer coating (5 layers) that is extremely resistant to cracking and peeling.


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