Shimano Nasci Spinning Rod // 7-21g, 7-35g, 14-42g, 21-56g, 28-84g / 2.24m, 2.33m, 2.39m, 2.49m, 2.69m, 2.74m

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Shimano Nasci Spinning Rod Description:

The NASCI Spinning rod range is inspired by the Nasci reel, with understated elegance combined with unquestionable functionality.

The satin carbon blanks are lightweight and responsive in feel and action, with hidden toe force due to the application of Biofibre and additional torsion reduction through Diaflash fiber crossing in the heel section. Available with cork or EVA split grip handles in fast and moderate action.

Custom designed reel seats are miniature works of art, combining metal, carbon and composites to produce an ultra-thin, secure reel connection. In use, all models cast with the precision expected of a higher priced rod and have the actions necessary for the methods and species for which they are intended. Reduced heel torque when needed for an accurate cast and enhanced power and reaction speed when needed for fast, efficient strikes.

Features of the Shimano Nasci Spinning rod:

Model Action Length Answer Weight stretches Creased
NAS74MLFE 7-21g 2.24m Fast 102g 2 115cm
NAS78MFE 7-35g 2.33m Fast 123g 2 118cm
NAS710MHFE 14-42g 2.39m Fast 127g 2 123cm
NAS82HFE 21-56g 2.49m Fast 150g 2 128cm
NAS810MMFC 7-35g 2.69m Fast 135g 2 138cm
NAS810MHFE 14-42g
2.69m Fast 141g
2 138cm
NAS810HMFC 21-56g
2.69m Fast 148g
2 138cm
NAS810XHMFC 28-84g 2.69m Fast 156g 2 138cm
NAS90HFE 21-56g 2.74m Fast 161g 2 140cm

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