Rockfishing Pack (Rod+reel)

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Description of the ROCKFISHING PACK:

This pack is the perfect combo for Rockfishing lovers ! GET THE PERFECT EQUIPMENT TO GET THE FISH OF YOUR DREAMS. It contains all the necessary equipment to succeed in your fishing trips in rivers, lakes or swamps.

This pack includes:

Major Craft Ceana Spinning Rod Description:

Major Craft presents the new family of rods for fishing rock fishing, light spinning, darting and spinning .

With Ceana rods he manages to reach a more noble audience, wanting to enjoy quality rods in the blank and in the equipment to be able to start in the world of light fishing with artificial baits.

Ceana rods come equipped with Fuji K rings , and the blanks have a sober and elegant finish, a Major Craft hallmark. reeds with quick actions to improve the distance in the set, at the same time as better transmitting the orders to the lure.

Major Craft Ceana Spinning Rod Features:

Model Length Action
Line Type of action rings Number of Rings stretches
CNS-762UL 2.28m 2-10g 3-8lb Fast fazrite Tip G + 6 2
CNS-762L 2.28m 4-15g 5-12lb Fast fazrite Tip G + 6 2
CNS-782L 2.33m 4-15g 5-12lb Fast fazrite Tip G + 6 2
CNS-802L 2.43m 4-15g 5-12lb Fast fazrite Tip G + 7 2
CNS-802ML 2.43m 5-21g 8-16lb Fast fazrite Tip G + 7 2
CNS-702M 2.13m 7-28g 10-20lb Fast fazrite Tip G + 6 2
CNS-762M+ 2.28m 7-35g 10-25lb Fast fazrite Tip G + 6 2
CNS-802MH 2.43m 10-42g 12-30lbs Fast fazrite Tip G + 7 2
CNS-862H 2.59m 15-60g 15-45lbs Fast fazrite Tip G + 7 2
CNS-822X 2.48 20-80g 20-50lbs Fast fazrite Tip G + 7 2
CNS-732ML/F 2.21m 5-18g 8-16lb ex fast fazrite Tip G + 6 2
CNS-752M/F 2.26m 7-21g 10-20lb ex fast fazrite Tip G + 6 2

      Description of SHIMANO NASCI FC REEL:

      The NASCI range of front brake reels blend modern, on-trend design with Shimano's unrivaled engineering excellence. The body in an understated, almost monochromatic grey, features subtle chrome accents and fits perfectly with Shimano's latest reels, making the range an attractive proposition for anglers looking for a mid-priced reel.

      In use, the unmistakable strength and durability of the Hagane gear and the comfortable torque and solidity of the X-SHIP are immediately apparent, as the reel spins with a quiet whisper and a directness that belies its sub-100 price tag, €00 .

        Technical characteristics of SHIMANO NASCI FC REEL:

        Size Coil Body pickup Brake Weight Recovery line capacity Ratio
        2500 Normal Normal Normal 9kg 210g 75cm-turn 0.25mm-160m 5.1:1
        2500HG Normal Normal fast 9kg 240g 91cm-turn 0.25mm-160m 6.2:1
        3000HG Normal Normal fast 9kg 240g 91cm-turn 0.25mm-210m 6.2:1
        3000 Normal Normal Normal 9kg 240g 91cm-turn 0.25mm-160m 5.0:1
        4000 Normal Normal Normal 11kg 285g 75cm-turn 0.30mm-180m 4.7:1
        4000XG Normal Normal Ultra-fast 11kg 245g 80cm-turn 0.30mm-220m 6.3:1
        5000XG Normal Normal Ultra-fast 11kg 305g 105cm-lap 0.35mm-175m 6.2:1

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