Paddletail Sawamura One Up Shad Pike LTD // 10"

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Description of the Sawamura One Up Shad Pike LTD:

He One Up Shad Pike LTD by Sawamura it's a paddletail swimbait of excellent quality and has a great reputation thanks to its effectiveness in both fresh and salt water.

Body of dense vinyl , of great dimensions, which allows it to be thrown over great distances, with a great mobility , being possible to use it without plumbing, being able to be picked up near the surface at slow speed .

It's about a very versatile vinyl since it perfectly imitates a clueless grass fish that swims alone and can be rigged in various ways such as with a leaded swimbait hook, unleaded swimbait hook, jig head, under-spin, swim-jig, etc, and thus adapt to an infinite number of situations and scenarios.

This version of One Up Shad is designed for pike fishing, but it is an option to consider when looking for record basses and large marine species.

It incorporates Sawamura's specific essence, Trump Scent .

Features of the Sawamura One Up Shad Pike LTD:

  • Length: 210mm
  • Weight: 91g.
  • Two units per blister.

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