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Zuku Walker Surface// 70mm, 95mm - 6.5g, 15g

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Description of the YKR ZUKU lure:

It is a surface lure whose main movements are made by creating a very marked WTD splashing in a nervous "ZIGZAG" in all its movements. It has an erratic swimming and is easy to perform regardless of the technical level of the fisherman. Contrasted effectiveness with all kinds of predators both saltwater and freshwater. Available in Floating action with a weight of 15 grams. Designed to make very long casts, achieving very good distances in fishing action due to its aerodynamics. Ultra-realistic finishes with top-quality materials and spectacular holographs providing the maximum realism of the imitation.

Characteristics of the YKR ZUKU lure:

  • Weight: 6.5gr, 15gr
  • Size 70mm, 95mm

Recommendation: rod YKR FULLSTARS 782 M .