Duck Hart Sikkario X-TUBE


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Description of the Hart Sikkario X-TUBE Duck:

Hart Sikkario X-Tube duck, made of high-resistance PVC with reinforced and heat-sealed joints. HART PVC-BYLAYER technology incorporates a 1,000 denier polyester interior coating that improves its resistance and durability. High pressure seat and floor.

VALVES: 2 valves located at the rear of the balloons, which leave the front area free to comfortably place the probe and other accessories. 1 seat valve and 1 floor valve.

POCKETS: It comes equipped with 3 waterproof pockets made of PVC. 2 side pockets of 500x230x150 mm and a third (380x230x240 mm) in a trapezoidal shape that is placed in the bow of the duck. This pocket is used to store bulky items that are not used in fishing action.

It is provided with a torpedo-type electric motor mount at the bottom. It has three reinforced handles to facilitate transport: 2 on the balls and 1 on the bow.

It also includes padded backpack straps to comfortably carry it on your back on longer journeys. It includes oars finished in black aluminum, like the front reinforcement bar. Supplied with a high-flow foot pump, transport bag and front net.

Features of the Hart Sikkario X-TUBE Duck:

  • Maximum load: 200kg.
  • Duck weight: 15kg.
  • Duck color: Red and black.

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