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Description of Iberux Pro ONE

The Iberux ONE is a simple concept backed by the same philosophy in terms of customer service and the same quality in finishes that Iberux gives to all fishermen. The Iberux ONE was born with the idea of ​​being the most popular fishing duck for any angler, within the reach of any angler looking for the quality that an Iberux offers.

Do you already fish in duck and want to change your fabric duck with chambers for a PVC Iberux? Are you starting duck fishing and want safety, resistance and comfort?

With the Iberux ONE you can forget about many of the handicaps of chamber ducks and sewn fabric:

  • Forget about punctured chambers.
  • Forget open seams.
  • Forget the problems to get spare parts.
  • Forget about taking your wet duck home after a day of fishing.
  • Fishing without fear between stones and branches.
  • Mount your lure bags separately, inflate your duck, mount your bags and fish.

If you are looking for safety, usability or comfort and a quality duck that resists the possible complications that a fisherman who starts fishing from a duck may have, the Iberux ONE is your duck.

Technical characteristics of Iberux Pro ONE

Designed to last : Tubeless, seamless, three-layer PVC, safety valves.

  • Three-layer PVC sandwich sheet (PVC-Polyester Mesh-PVC) the material used in inflatable boats.
  • Withouth stitches. Welded with special adhesives and 5 pvc sheets in each joint.
  • Two air chambers with safety valve. No bedrooms.
  • 4 steel rings to fix auxiliary material.
  • New 15 cm high HI seat, Iberux MAX model . The great seat of the Iberux Pro MAX, with more height, 15 cm high at its base and 8 cm at the back. In addition to its updated line, the Iberux MAX model seat has an improved hinge, its trapezoid-shaped backrest for easier access to the back of the duck and incorporates a rod holder for 4 rods.
  • Interior handles : Iberux is a duck that is constantly evolving, which is why we have incorporated two interior handles just like its older brothers have by popular request.
  • Iberux MAX pockets : Now with the extra large pockets of his big brother. With them you will never run out of space in your Iberux One.

Dimensions and Weights:

  • Length (length): 145cm
  • Width (sleeve): 123cm
  • Height: 48cm/33cm
  • Width from cone to cone 89.5cm
  • Width at the seat 50cm
  • Max diameter float: 33cm
  • Dimensions are taken deflated. The measurement may vary slightly once inflated.
  • Recommended weight: 120kg
  • Recommended maximum weight: 150kg
  • Deflated weight: 5 kg
  • Maximum inflation pressure: 0.25BAR

What is special about the Iberux Pro ONE?

The Iberux ONE is designed for all anglers, experienced or new to duck fishing, who want to take their first step with a PVC duck without chambers. All the guarantees of a PVC duck, the comfort of an Iberux and the possibility of attaching accessories such as a floor to go even higher.

The angle of the V of an Iberux duck is wider than other ducks on the market . With this we get a larger interior space, being very comfortable to use. You will not feel trapped between the two bananas and you will have enough mobility even if you have a large wingspan. This aspect is highly valued by experienced fishermen and also by any novice fisherman who appreciates not feeling trapped between the two bananas.

Height : The floor cloth is raised to the waterline and together with the new 15 cm HI seat, a very high and comfortable fishing position is achieved, having the possibility of raising another 8 cm if we purchase the Iberux One floor separately. , thus reaching 23 cm high.

The seat is made of Airmat . A material that once inflated provides a rigid base that helps keep the Iberux One bananas open. In addition to being very tall, it is very comfortable and its backrest perfectly supports our backs on long days of fishing. It also includes 4 rod holders on its back.

Fast and maneuverable . All Iberux are easy to handle and fast. The ONE version further improves these characteristics of its older brothers due to its dimensions and simple design.

Easy to inflate and deflate . With removable pockets so you can separately prepare your bags with lures and other material. Wide floats, stable, very high...

You will no longer transport your wet duck . The Iberux dries very quickly even on cold days. In the time it takes you to collect your things at the foot of the car, your Iberux will be dry. This extends the life of your duck and is one of the drawbacks of any fabric duck with seams.

Large storage capacity : Having incorporated the large capacity pockets of the Iberux Max, the Iberux One allows us to carry a large amount of material even though it is a duck with smaller dimensions than the other Iberux models.

The Iberux are designed and manufactured to fish in the toughest situations that we can find ourselves. Stones, branches, cold, heat or intensive use... don't be scared, it will handle it.

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