Powertail Squid // 95mm - 15g, 50g

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Description of Power Tail Squid

Squids and Cuttlefish, for that he has created Matt Guennale he Power Tail Squid of Fiiish. Based on the concept of the Power Tail (a lure with a mobile and hard caudal fin that transmits a high vibration to the lure) and with an innovative anti-snag crown, the Power Tail Squid becomes an out of the ordinary lure to capture minnows. squid and cuttlefish.

The Power Tail Squid is equipped with the patented PTC concept (Powertail Concept) to give the lure realism at low cadence and slow down its descent while transmitting high frequency mobility at all times. Thanks to this concept, the Power Tail Squid combines the Slow fall of an eging lure and a vibrating movement of the lure both in the descents and in the ascents, something that no classic squid lure does. Thanks to the blade, the lure is transmitted with a great appearance of live fish, thus being able to deceive much better the cephalopods that base their hunting on sight.

The innovation in the Power Tail Squid it also appears in its crown to minimize hooking on the bottom when dragging the lure. The design of the crown will allow us to fish on the bottom, increasing our fishing possibilities by being able to cover the layer near the bottom with ease. In addition, the head of the lure will allow us to support the lure on the bottom and it is raised at 45 degrees and we can slowly drag the lure along the bottom keeping the tail raised from the bottom.


You can use the Power Tail Squid from shore or boat . With a slow and linear animation we will make the blade generate vibration and simulate a fleeing prey, causing bites.

From the shore , we will launch the lure, we will let it go down to the depth in which we want it to work and from there start a slow collection either in a linear way. We can also animate it with wide and slow saw teeth in which the lure remains perched for a few seconds on the bottom. Dry, strong jerks break the swimming of the lure.

from boat, In addition to using it the same as from the shore, we can also use it fishing vertically since its head balances the lure keeping it horizontally suspended and the drift or tide itself will cause the lure to vibrate. We will be able to move it in saw teeth with the action of our rod or in a vertical line by means of a slow collection of the reel.


The Power Tail Squid, in the colors Fresh Pink and Red Mullet , reflect and react to the UV rays . It is not perceptible to our eyes, but at depth it will become more visible since this wave spectrum penetrates more than others, making color visible. In addition, we can load the Red Mullet color with our UV lamp giving the glow effect to our lure.


  • The Power Tail Squid Shore (12 grams) is perfect for use from coast and touch all layers of water. Also for fishing from a boat in areas with little current and drift in depths of 3 to 8 meters.
  • The Power Tail Squid Offshore (25 grams) we can use it from the coast to deep areas and working the lower layer of water and boat up to 18-20 meters depending on current and drift conditions.
  • The Power Tail Squid Deep (50 grams) will give us the opportunity to search for squid and cuttlefish in the deepest layers from the boat.


  • 3 weights: Shore (12g), Offshore (25g), Deep (50g)
  • 3 Colors
  • Length: 95mm

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