PULSION TR 100 F // 24g

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Ghost Crystal Pink Tiger
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Description of the lure SAKURA PULSION TR 100F

Pulsion TR 100 F SAKURA surface lure.

Over the years, the Pulsion TR has established itself as a reference in terms of surface lure for light and medium exotic fishing. The very particular shape of the Pulsion TR , with this narrowing at the “neck” , gives it incomparable swimming when driven vigorously. The alliance of the water sheaves and these undulating movements make a fearsome weapon. This new “ Sakurized ” version sees it equipped with a cross-bracing reinforced with stainless steel wire (full wire), which will make it more resistant to the large predators for which it is intended. We also revised the color range by integrating internal holographic plates that will collect the light to illuminate your Pulsion TR

Attention, the legend is back!

Characteristics of the SAKURA PULSION TR 100F lure

  • Category: poppers
  • Features: 100mm. (24g)
  • Floating
  • Swimming Depths - Surface

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