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Description of SUICIDE DUCK 3D

A top water lure that is a super realistic imitation of a duckling loaded with innovative features!

The 3D scanned details will fool even the most cautious predatory fish and secure you with brutal attacks!

Ultra-resistant hard ABS body with semi-soft, durable feet . The rotating feet give the lure an incredibly lively action, splashing, leaving a large trail of bubbles and calling predatory fish from a distance . It has 2 treble hooks covered with feathers, one on the chest and one on the back, attached to the body, which ensure a good hook rate.

This lure can be worked in two ways. Attaching the line to the bill, the lure will run with a low and inconspicuous posture, like a duckling trying to hide and escape at the same time. Holding the line to the chest, the lure will run higher, with a flight action as if in a panic. The lure can be worked fast or slow, with a constant recovery, long jerks, thus imitating a duckling in the most realistic way.

Magnificent lure for pike, bass, musky and catfish!

Features of SUICIDE DUCK 3D

  • topwater action
  • Movable Splashing Feet
  • Balanced on the belly for better swimming
  • Lures camouflaged with feathers
  • Very realistic 3D details
  • 2 actions: fast and slow
  • Length: 10.5cm
  • Weight: 28g

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