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Jet has a design with unique features that offers incredible results. It has 4 long-distance holes through which the water passes, leaving a continuous trail of extremely striking bubbles . If we add to this its head design that combines the inclined cut with the concave design, it becomes a lure with truly irresistible swimming and movements.

This is a voluminous head lure, combining the best of the Diamond and Classic models together with the jet-type turbulence system. This sample achieves an erratic swimming with pitching, large splashes and splashes capable of leaving a great trail of bubbles. It has all the ingredients to get a great bite from all kinds of large high-altitude predators .

Its jet design follows the new world trends of lures with voluminous heads and great stridency and noise on the surface. Capable of creating by itself a large wake acting as an exciter and sample . A lure that attracts glances and any predator in the trolling area.

It is available in 23 and 35 centimeters, clearly geared towards big catches. In addition to being a good combination with other samples for daisy chain assemblies.

We have 5 colors mounted with a double skirt exclusive to RK Lures .

His best swimming position is achieved in medium-long distances, in the short rigger position of the wake of our boat, just where we are already beginning to lose it or it is almost negligible. There the Jet asserts its qualities of attraction, being the sample itself the one in charge of leaving its own wake with the most attractive movements and colors.

The heads have integrated eyes made of holographic materials that with the incidence of light emit a spectrum of flashes, in addition to multicolor reflections , in the composition of the head visible by the predator even at great distances.

You can choose between these five color combinations, but if you want to dare with a different one you can contact us and make us your proposal. We will be happy to customize your exclusive lure.

Many anglers are clear, if they could only carry one lure with them, it would be the RK Lures Jet. Get yours!

Characteristics of the KURRICAN BONITO ASSASSIN lure

  • Length: 23cm.
  • Double hook 9/0 steel.
  • Terminal: 160lbs/72kg.

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