Jig Rig for Microjig // 5g, 7g, 10g



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MAJOR CRAFT JIG sabiki description FOR:

Sabikis from Majorcraft with very high quality hooks, details and threads, since we are talking about reinforced golden hooks with ultra-sharp points, details such as fringes, holographics, tinsels, and 100% fluorocarbon thread. Each sabiki is made up of two hooks, which which in each blister you will find a pack of a jig and two submachine guns.

Features of the MAJOR CRAFT JIG sabiki FOR:

  • S - 6-7LB line - jigs or 5 gram lead recommended
  • M - 1.75-2LB line - jigs or 7 gram lead recommended
  • L - 2-2.5LB line - recommended jigs or 10 gram lead

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