Shimano Bantam CoMac Surface Crankbait // 50mm /13g

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Description of the Bantam CoMac Surface 50mm 13g Lure:

Shimano's CoMac Surface is a mix between a crankbait and a wakebait . It is designed to probe the first layers of water, shallow areas , allowing anglers to quickly identify the presence of fish and determine their activity.

It has a wide and powerful bib that achieves lateral movements with the slightest pull. On its tail is a rotating ball-bearing spoon that spins sending pressure waves and light reflections in all directions. The typical swimming action combined with the flashes of the spoon can unleash the aggression of predators.

With a weight of 13g, it is thrown at considerable distances, allowing it to beat a lot of water in search of predators such as the Black Bass.

Bantam CoMac Surface 50mm 13g Lure Specifications:

  • Weight: 13 grams
  • Length: 50mm
  • Colour: 222 YELLOW BASS

Reference 5VZP105RJ2.

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