Swimbait Madness Balam // 245mm, 300mm

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Madness Balam Description:

The Madness Balam is a large swimbait , designed to fool the largest bass in the area, but just as effective with other freshwater or saltwater predators.

It has a multi-articulated body that ends in a fine rubber tail with great mobility and very natural.

Lure designed to be stable in very fast retrievals and irresistible when stopped on the surface, simulating a clueless fish.

It comes rigged with top quality Decoy treble hooks.

Madness Balam Features:

Length Weight Guy triples
104g Floating 2
300mm 168g Floating 3

This product enjoys the WEFISH GUARANTEE (Tested and endorsed by the WeFish team and its collaborators in terms of quality and efficacy).

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