TICT M-CARO // 7g, 8g, 9.5g, 11g

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Description of TICT PUMP M-CARO

The M-Caro bomblets for Ajing fishing from the coast are specially designed to achieve large casts with lightweight ajing lures and achieve large casts without losing the naturalness of the fall and movement of the vinyl. One of its most important features are the different drop angles of its rear, depending on the type of drop we choose: L,N,S.

L: Slow Fall

N: Neutral or normal drop.

S: Quick drop.

We can choose the most suitable one depending on the spot and the weather and current conditions. This assembly will allow us a wide range of movements , tense while it deepens, perform short jerks to make it go up again... ect. For this type of technique we recommend the use of M-Caro Swivel swivels and shock absorbers for an optimal rebound of the pump when we print jerks and jerks on it.

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