Spray Varivas para Aparejos TACKLE-ni-shu

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Description of Spray TACKLE-ni-shu

It is ideal to avoid rust and salt stains on the rigs. Now available with a trigger for easy spraying.

Neutralizes salt to prevent oxidation and protect your tackle from oxidation. It also prevents oxidation of metal parts, such as guides and hooks on reels and rods, and salt stains on bakkan fasteners and clothing. It can also be sprayed on fasteners that have caked with salt. (You can also spray it on fasteners that have gotten stuck with salt.)

[How to use]

After fishing, spray evenly on the tackle, rinse with water and allow to dry when you return home. For reels that cannot be washed with water, wipe them with a damp towel.

No surfactants or other chemicals have been added to this product, so it will not damage the material or cause skin irritation.

It is respectful with the environment and does not pollute, since it returns to the water after use.

    Volume: 180ml

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