Señuelo Vinilo YKR Happy Eel // 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 30g, 50g

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YKR HAPPY EEL lure description:

Technical innovation taken to the highest level looking for the imitation of a live Sandeel. After more than 2 years of development from the first design, there were different models, tests, transformations, prototypes, measurements and textures until we were able to create what for us is the most realistic imitation of a sandeel made of synthetic material. The first idea was always to imitate the qualities of a live sandeel in real swimming, colors, mobility, sizes and weights according to the lengths of the bodies using the best possible materials and qualities.

Characteristics of the YKR HAPPY EEL lure:

  • Small dimension PADDLE TAIL whose main function is to give the exact vibration to give movement to the whole body during swimming at low cadence.
  • SLIM BODY stylized providing naturalness when performing the characteristic quick wriggling of a live sandeel.
  • SOFT TEXTURE on the body to give it maximum realism and to be able to use it at low speeds.
  • ULTRA REALISTIC FINISHES both in the vinyls and in the jig heads being painted and varnished manually using the highest quality materials.
  • VMC 7161 TI HOOKS very resistant, reliable and of highly contrasted quality.
  • Each blister contains two mounted units (two jig heads plus two bodies with hooks included).

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