Señuelo Jig Xesta Slow Emotion Slippy // 120g, 180g



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Description of Xesta Slow Emotion Slippy 120-180 gr:

The Xesta Slow Emotion Slippy is a jig intended exclusively for Slow Jigging in search of large predators such as dentex, grouper, amberjack , etc. It comes hand in hand with the Slow Emotion Flap slow jig with more than proven effectiveness but with a different design and conception.

Its striking design, with marked incisions on its sides and its weight shifted to the front, makes it different from any other slow jig that we have seen and is designed to minimize the friction of the water on the rises and get the lure to rise. and move laterally as far as possible on each jerk.

Its asymmetric shape and its lateral incisions also generate a greater vibration of the water when moving, making it more evident to predators that are always attentive to any change in the aquatic environment. It also achieves long lateral displacements in Slow Pitch Jerk movements.

Its surface with chrome areas with holographic flashes, phosphorescent points and attractive colors make it the most striking of the Xesta Slow Jigs series. Being evident even in depths of 100-120 meters. Thanks to its two asymmetric faces , one curved and the other perfectly flat, it has a very undulating slow fall and large lateral displacements that generate a large number of sparkles.

Characteristics of Xesta Slow Emotion Slippy 120-180 gr:


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