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YGK G-SOUL WX4 EGI&METAL thread description

YGK G-Soul WX4 Egi-Metal Braid is a fine braid of 4 strands of low thickness. Braided with very good durability and particularly advantageous abrasion resistance in these reduced thicknesses.

Its multicolor hue allows it to follow the trajectory well and also allows it to "break" the color line underwater and is therefore more discreet in view of predators. Its particular weave (WX patented process) and particularly applied leaves little space for water to permeate the material.

This particularity has made this braid one of the essential references for cold conditions, particularly when temperatures are below 0 ° C where this braid is one of the only ones that retains its flexibility.

Characteristics of the YGK G-SOUL WX4 EGI&METAL thread

  • Length: 120m
  • Diameter: 10.5/100mm
  • SP: #0.4
  • Resistance: 3.5kg
  • Colour: Multi-coloured

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