Cinnetic Crafty Red Inferno Spinning Reel // 1500, 2500, 4000

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Cinnetic Crafty Red Inferno Description:

The Cinnetic Crafty Red Inferno is a high performance fishing tool, designed for those looking for the best fishing experience. With a combination of advanced technology and outstanding features, this reel is an indispensable tool for demanding anglers.

The rigid CRBK alloy body and rotor, along with its ultra-smooth rotation system, reduce twisting during combat and increase fishing efficiency. Double anodized machined aluminum spool with braid ready anti-slip tread makes it durable and easy to use. The injected aluminum folding handle is comfortable and easy to store.

The progressive brake of up to 10 Kg of power is impressive and the pleasant super smooth rotation system optimizes operation and maximizes efficiency. In addition, the titanium nitride coated line guide increases smoothness and reduces abrasion.

The Cinnetic Crafty Red Inferno features a 1500 size with an extra spool, making it ideal for a wide range of fishing styles including Rockfishing, Finesse, Eging, and Spinning. With impressive performance and outstanding features, this reel is a true gem for any angler. Maximize your fishing experience with the Cinnetic Crafty Red Inferno!

Features of the Cinnetic Crafty Red Inferno:


Coil Capacity

Extra Coil Capacity Ratio Recovery bearings Brake Weight
1500 0.20mm/90m 0.20mm/150m 5.6:1 65cm 6+1 4kg 220g
2500 0.20mm/175m - 5.1:1 78cm 6+1 6kg 260g
4000 0.30mm/150m - 7.2:1 95cm 6+1 10kg 299g

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