FLUOROCARBON Sea Bass Shock Leader // 12LB, 16LB, 20LB, 22LB

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12lb (6kg)
16lb (8kg)
20lb (10kg)
22lb (11kg)

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Description Bass Varivas Seabass Shock Leader [Fluorocarbon]

SP-T coating: greater water resistance and durability.

High sensitivity: very little elongation is ideal for agile lures used in bottom water.

Parallel Rolling: It was a difficult technique to wind on a smaller spool, so it must be used longer.

Colour: nature.

Characteristics Bass Varivas Seabas Shock Leader [Fluorocarbon]

Endurance diameter (mm)
12lb (6kg) 0.285
16lb (8kg) 0.33
20lb (10kg) 0.37
22lb (11kg) 0.405

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