JLC Tail Assembly Kit // Dentex, killer, zanzibar


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Description of the JLC TAIL ASSEMBLY KIT:

Kit for mounting vinyls and tail hooks. It includes everything necessary to carry out the complete assembly of the vinyls.

To be used with all types of vinyl, especially the range of REAL FISH JLC // 150g, 200g , SQUID JLC // 110G,150G,200G , XOCO JLC 90G-120G-150G , XIPI JLC // 30g, 60g, 90g, 120g , 150g, 180g , IKA JLC ASSEMBLED 10G AND 30G + SPARE BODY

Kit Contents:

Model snaps and rattles 3m braided 8 strands
4 Assist flat ringtail

1 JLC Glue 7g

1 Needle to assemble braided vinyl

dentex big 5 0.9mm 1/0 Yeah
killer 5 small 0.5mm 2/0 Yeah Yeah
Zanzibar big 5 1.2mm 3/0 Yeah Yeah

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