Señuelo Jig Gran Craft Coso Jig // 10g, 14g, 20g, 30g, 45g, 60g, 80g, 100g

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Description of Sew Jig Mini

The Gan Craft Jig Mini Coso It is a jig for shore slow jigging or shore jigging. This lure mimics grass fish, a favorite food of saltwater predators. His compact and symmetrical shape it will allow you a long shot without effort. He breakeven It is located in the center of the lure, which allows a slower fall and different possibilities of movement that give it naturalness.

Advantages of Sew Jig Mini

  • It can reach greater depth and presents high resistance to currents, thanks to its high weight/volume ratio .
  • Possibility to use small and heavy lures , simulating small prey located in deep water.
  • Shape symmetrical and balanced that grants great capacity of movement, grants naturalness and imitates wounded fish.

technical characteristics of Sewing Jig Mini :

Weight Size
10g 34mm
14g 38mm
20g 53mm
30g 60mm
45g 70mm
60g 77mm
80g 82mm
100g 93mm
  • Decoy hook mounted.
  • Shore jigging.
  • Shore slow jigging.

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