Señuelo Jig Hart Bony // 60mm, 70mm, 80mm - 18g, 28g, 40g

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Pez plomado HART BONY 18gr - 02

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Description of the HART BONY lure:

This small, revolutionary swimming lure has been designed by the HART development team for bass fishing and other predators , both in spinning and jig-casting .

Its construction allows for extraordinary casts, which makes it indispensable in our lure box. Rigged with ASARI triple saltwater hook.

Features of the HART BONY lure:

Weight Length Fish hook
18 grams 60mm 6
28 grams 70mm 4
40 grams 80mm 2

References IHBN18, IHBN28 and IHBN40.

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