Powertail 100 - Fast - 55g

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Description of the Powertail 100 - Fast - 55g lure:

The Power Tail 100 mm is a hard lure for spinning fishing from the French brand Fiiish. It has been redesigned with a thicker steel core than its smaller brothers to support big fish, both in the sea and in fresh water, being a true caster due to its size/weight ratio.

A 100 mm long lure, with a very sharp profile and 55 grams of weight. Its blade, being mobile, folds during the cast offering minimal resistance during the flight.

This new patented PTC (Power Tail Concept) lure concept bases its success on the combination of a realistic body and a transparent blade that emits strong vibrations. At a low retrieval rate, we will notice the accentuated vibration of the lure. Due to its high vibration frequency, even when reeling in at a slow speed, the lure will wriggle like a calm swimming fish. In the fall, the blade offers great resistance, giving it a movement in the fall as if the fish were wounded.

The Power Tail perfectly imitates a fry that swims calmly or flees depending on the speed of collection that we can use both from the shore and from the boat.

Types of movements of the Powertail 100:

  • Linear collection near the surface, midwater or near the bottom.
  • Pickup in saw teeth.
  • Throw and hold in the stream without picking up. Vibrates without having to take any action

Characteristics of the Powertail 100 - Fast - 55g lure:

  • Manufactured for the moment in only one version, Fast , which covers most fishing situations.
  • Rigged with a high strength VMC single hook to better withstand the pull of large predators.
  • Size: 100mm
  • Weight: 55g
  • 3 colors available
  • Hook size: 2/0

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