Daiwa Caldia 18 LT Spinning Reel // 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000


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Description of the Daiwa Caldia 18 LT reel:

The Daiwa Caldia 18 LT is a compact and solid reel, ideal for anglers looking for a light but strong reel. With reinforced mechanics and the Tough Digigear control wheel, this reel offers optimal performance in terms of fluidity, durability and power. Additionally, the Mag Sealed magnetic oil and pure stainless steel shaft provide additional protection against the elements.

Technical features: The Daiwa Caldia 18 LT reel features a drag with ATD technology and a full-size drag cap, providing precise control. With 6+1 bearings, including 1 CRBB, the reel spins smoothly and accurately. The ZAION carbon frame and DS5 carbon Air Rotor make the reel durable and strong. In addition, the Long Cast profile aluminum Air Spool spool and the cross-turn winding ensure optimal casting performance.

Design and comfort: With an ultra-light Air Handle unscrewable aluminum monobloc crank, the Daiwa Caldia 18 LT reel is easy to handle. In addition, the reel's compact and elegant design makes it comfortable to hold and use during long days of fishing.

Conclusion: Overall, the Daiwa Caldia 18 LT is a solid, compact reel that offers optimal performance for anglers looking for a light yet strong reel. With its Tough Digigear control wheel, Mag Sealed magnetic oil, pure stainless steel shaft, and compact design, this reel is an excellent choice for freshwater and saltwater fishing. In addition, with its Long Cast profile and cross-thread winding, this reel ensures optimal casting. In short, the Daiwa Caldia 18 LT is a reel that will provide you with many successful fishing moments.

    Daiwa Caldia 18 LT reel features:

    Model Fist Ratio (/1) TMV Weight Nylon Braided Brake
    2000S XH Yo 6.2 81cm 185g 150m/0.14mm 200m/0.05mm 5kg
    2500 D XH you 6.2 87cm 200g 150m/0.28mm 300m/0.16mm 10kg
    3000 D CXH you 6.2 93cm 205g 150m/0.33mm 300m/0.18mm 10kg
    4000 D CXH you 6.2 99cm 230g 150m/0.37mm 300m/0.20mm 12kg
    5000D CXH you 6.2 105cm 235g 150m/0.40mm 300m/0.22mm 12kg
    6000D T+ 5.1 92cm 315g 150m/0.40mm 300m/0.24mm 12kg

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