Half Finger Gloves

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Half Finger Glove Description:

Half Finger Glove Gloves are designed to be durable and resistant, with high quality materials that allow them to withstand different types of fishing and weather conditions.

They are perfect for freshwater and saltwater fishing, making them ideal for anglers looking for a versatile glove.

Features of Half Finger Glove Gloves:

  • Hand Protection: Half Finger Glove Gloves are designed to provide hand protection without compromising finger sensitivity and mobility. These gloves are made of soft and flexible materials that fit perfectly on the hands.
  • Durability : they are durable and resistant, with high-quality materials that allow them to withstand different weather conditions and different types of fishing.
  • Secure grip: They have an additional layer of grip on the palm and fingers, ensuring a secure and firm grip.
  • Breathable Design - Breathable fabric that allows your hands to breathe while you wear them.
  • Easy to wash: ideal for daily use. You just need to wash them with soap and water and let them air dry.

Available sizes: M, L

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