Cinnetic Rayforce Big Net Landing Net

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Description of the Cinnetic Rayforce Big Net landing net:

The Cinnetic Rayforce Big Net is the most powerful landing net for the biggest catches. Attractive and powerful 200cm net made of anodized aluminum and water-repellent and anti-scale rubber mesh, which protects the mucosa of the fish and prevents it from absorbing water.

Anodized aluminum handle with EVA grips, for a firm grip, and a large 75X65cm head ideal for large fish.

The anchorage is of security by means of screws and nuts of stainless steel.

Features of the Cinnetic Rayforce Big Net landing net:

  • Total length: 200cm.
  • Handle length: 125cm.
  • Head dimensions: 75x65cm.
  • Mesh: anti-scale water-repellent rubber.

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