Howk Hot Spot Casting Rod // Max. 150g, Max. 200g, Max. 250g / 1.90m

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Howk Hot Spot Casting Rod Description:

Höwk's Hot Spot range of rods are developed for Slow Jigging fishing. The entire series incorporates Fuji SIC spiral rings to avoid twisting and weakening of the carbon , together with the Fuji trigger reel seat with stainless rings with protectors, for spinning reel reels, one of the highest quality reel seats from the Fuji manufacturer, light but at the same time of highly contrasted resistance .

All the blanks in the Hot Spot series are made of the best carbon on the Toray T1K market . The Carbon arrangement results in a highly resistant and flexible blank. Fuji SIC rings have a very hard silicon carbide ceramic. This leads to less friction , so it will allow us better casts, collection, and less friction of our line, ideal for fishing big fish. In addition to this, its frames are made of stainless steel, thus avoiding corrosion.

The first third of the rod has a lot of flexibility, in order to give the lures the right movement . The first two thirds of Höwk's Hot Spot rods have a large power reserve to be able to fight big opponents. The entire Höwk Hot Spot range has spiral ringing avoiding the twisting of the carbon blank, improving its durability.

Howk Hot Spot Casting Rod Features:

Model Length stretches Action rings reel seat Braided
HS150 1.90m 1 Max. 150g Fuji SIC Type K Fuji DPS Deluxe PE1.5
HS200 1.90m 1 Max. 200g Fuji SIC Type K Fuji DPS Deluxe PE2.5
HS250 1.90m 1 Max. 250g Fuji SIC Type K Fuji DPS Deluxe PE3

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