Señuelo Popper Molix T // 11.5g / 85mm

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Description of POPPER 85T lure:

The Popper 85T is versatile and with different recoveries it adapts to many situations. For research fishing, they create an intense "pop" on the surface. With smoother, more linear jerkates, it produces tunnels of bubbles, which can attract predators from a considerable distance.

The main feature that distinguishes it is the sound it emits during the "popping" action, which is obtained thanks to the innovative design of the muzzle and the conical shape of the body. Through stainless steel armor, ABS body, extra resistant coatings and paints and high quality treble hooks that allow safe use even on large predators.

POPPER 85T lure features:

  • Floating.
  • Length: 8.5cm
  • Weight: 11.5g

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